Message from the President - December 1, 2023

Dear Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies (HMS) Colleague and Friend:

Colleagues and Friends,

Happy Holiday Season!

As we all look forward to the upcoming Holidays and time with loved ones, we look back at our accomplishments this past year and make plans for next year.

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies of North America (FED HMS NA) has organized and participated in conferences, offered networking to physicians, provided for social events, and generated enthusiasm in established and upcoming Hellenic medical societies.

Collaborations with the Hellenic Medical Diaspora have strengthened the Annual Medical Conference at the University of Thessaloniki in Greece, where HMS Philadelphia President Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis lectured and moderated conference sessions in October 2023.  

HMS Philadelphia Past-President Dr. Elias Iliadis, presented the United States Medical Board examination system for medical students from Greece wishing to pursue graduate medical studies in the United States.

Former HMS New York (NY) President Dr. Spyros Mezitis explained the Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies of North America's mission and how it has become a clearinghouse for Greek medical students to come to US health institutions for observerships. 

Hellenic Bioscientific Association  (HBA) President Dr. Alexandra Touroutoglou of Harvard Neuroscience has been instrumental in organizing biomedical student exchanges, Hellenic biomedical conferences, and teleconferences with the Federation.

HMS New England Board member Dr. Stephanos Kales again organized the annual Mediterranean Diet Symposium on the island of Crete in November with great success.

HMS Michigan President Dr . Christina Lucas-Vougiouklakis created a strong Board of Directors and Events Schedule with FED HMS NA sponsorship.

HMS Montreal/Quebec President Dr. Marietta Varvarikos is performing admirably in organizing events for her society and increasing membership.

Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest President Mr. Ioannis Remediakis not only helped the Federation HMS with his IT knowledge and hands-on assistance but has also brought together the Hellenic medical professionals in Houston, Texas.

HMS Southern California is organizing professional and social events to which all Federation HMS members are invited.

HMS Toronto has become a Federation HMS member and will be supported by an expanding schedule of programs.

HMS NY Past President Dr. Marinos Petratos, Lifetime Honoree of the Hellenic Medical Society of New York, has contributed to the collaboration of the Federation HMS with the Hippocratic Institute of Kos.  Federation HMS President Dr. Spyros Mezitis presented on a teleconference at the Annual Hippocratic Awards Ceremony on the island of Kos the history of HMS NY and North America (NA) activities with Greece's Hippocratic Institute, Dr. Mezitis proposed that all interested parties work together and advertise for graduating physicians from all over the world to visit the Hippocratic Institute and recite the original Hippocratic Oath like the five outstanding medical students from the United States who were sponsored by HMS NY and received awards in October 2023.

Philhellene OB-GYN Department Chair at Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Dr. Frank Chervenak has worked with HMS NY and Dr. Spyros Mezitis to arrange annual Hippocratic Oath conferences at Lenox Hill Hospital.  Furthermore, he has been instrumental with Dr. Spyros Mezitis in the Annual Dr. Papanicolaou Symposia at Weill Medical College of Cornell University; the new HMS NY President, Dr. Anthony Gasparis, and his Executive Board have been supporting these conferences.

Congratulations to his Executive Board for giving out a record number of scholarships this year at the Annual Scholarship Gala Weekend in New York City.

Lastly, we are happy to announce that HMS Chicago is reorganizing and new societies are forming in Northern California and Florida.

The Federation of Hellenic Medical Societies is not only supporting individual HMS and working on national medical issues in the United States, Canada, and Greece but is also spearheading the Hellenic community programs of  Greek American and Greek Canadian youth visiting Greece by connecting the Greek North American societies with the Greek government.

Please complete the short survey on our Website asking for your input concerning the priorities of the Federation HMS.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 2024!

Dr. Spyros G.E. Mezitis, MD PhD

President, FED HMS NA